How To Pamper Your Pet On A Budget

Here in the UK we are a nation of pet lovers. Whether it is a cat, dog, horse or lizard, our pets are more than just an animal to us. There are our companions, our friends and in the most part, our family.

Pampering your pet isn’t exactly budget friendly so if you are trying to save cash there are ways to get more from your money. Creditfix have put together some of the best treats that you can give your pet, all without spending out too much money.

Learn how to groom them yourself

Groomers can be costly, which means that you may be less likely to book them in. Why not take the time to learn a little more about how to groom and care for their basic needs yourself? There are things that you simply won’t be able to do yourself, but there are online tutorials that can help get you started on simple tasks like brushing and untangling any knots in the fur.

Pay out for good quality food

There are some thing for your pet that you can cut back on, but one of these things should never be food. Invest in a high quality balanced diet for your cat and this should benefit them in the long run. If you don’t mind chopping up meat then you could feed your pet some home prepared food which will help keep costs down, or you may want to switch your pet to dry food or you could even use a mix of both.

Find someone else to help with some of the tasks

This is particularly true if you have a cat which requires caring for when you are away. Rather than leaving them at a cattery when you go on holiday, why not see if you can find a friend, family member or neighbour who is happy to take care of them? Not only will this mean that they don’t have to be locked up all day, but they will also have someone else to lavish affection on them! Another option is if you are going on a holiday in the same country see if you can take them with you to save on the bills. There are an increasing number of cat-friendly BnBs across the UK if you look hard enough.

Spend some time with them

Your pet doesn’t care what is in your bank, all they want is to have someone to love them and take care of them. So, focus yourself on actually spending some time with your pet, playing with them or taking them out (if you can) – they will really value this one on one time and that will be the greatest treat of all!

Pets can bring so much to our lives, why not give back to them? All without having to get yourself into debt or blow your carefully planned out budget.

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