Kitten Dreams

I am toying with the idea of publishing a little book of dreams. The featured image here is called Dreams of Dishes and this was exactly how I found Bubu one Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t the first time we had spotted him fast asleep in the plastic drainer on the kitchen sink, but I hadn’t realised it would make such a good photograph. The drainer wasn’t empty and as well as the glass measuring jug in the centre, he also has a dessert spoon resting by one back paw. It’s tempting to think we drug him before placing him in a cute position in a bizarre location, but I promise we don’t!

This next image is called Dreams of Dusting and was taken one New Year’s Day. Having rested over the Christmas break, we were getting stuck into the housework and I placed the furniture polish and duster in the dining room before lunch. We had a mince-pie and coffee in the kitchen before resuming and as I made my way back into the dining room, this is what I saw. Nothing was moved and this is exactly how he had settled down to sleep. Needless to say, we gave the housework a break for the rest of the day.

The last one was taken on Easter Sunday and once again we had stopped for lunch. My husband managed to burn the hot cross buns and the smoke drifted next door doing something wonderful with the light. Bubu was just waking up, but I managed to grab this shot before it was too late. Dreaming of Sunbeams…

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